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Post by Yin on Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:19 pm

  • First things first, no sexual or pornographic images, usernames, topics, or RPs will be allowed here. Young people are around, and the older ones probably don't want to see it either.

  • Second, no spamming. Your post must have a purpose. Any roleplaying posts must have at least two sentences. If you see any posts that you deem spam, report them to a moderator or admin.

  • Please behave appropriately. Don't curse at people ((though you may curse in general)), get angry with them, argue, or insult another in any way. This site is not meant to cause strife. It's supposed to be fun.

  • Do not advertise your own forum or site anywhere but in the Advertisement section.

  • You may only have one character per account‚ either one human and one dragon. You can either RP the dragon you will ride or train/hatch a rogue dragon another user has created, but if you want to do the former rather than the latter, you'll have to create another account to do so.

  • Two of your own characters can not be in a romantic relationship of any kind.

  • Chat speak or lack of use of basic grammatical knowledge is forbidden

This list is subject to change.

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